Mustard Seed Theatre Presents: Masterclass Mondays


3rd Monday of the Month @ 7pm- FREE and open to the public
Join the Resident Artists of Mustard Seed Theatre as they present classes on topics of their expertise… from auditions, to mindfulness, to movement- you will be sure to walk away with more than you came with!

Presented on the 3rd Monday of the month starting February, 2018!


This Spring:

February 19th:     Audition Preparation with Gary Barker

This Masterclass will focus on the Audition Preparation essentials that contribute to a successful audition.  Topics including, but not limited to:

  • Material selection
  • Dress
  • In-the-room protocols
  • Follow-up

Join Saint Louis University Professor and Director Gary Barker to gain all of the tools you need to nail your next audition!


March 19th:    Character Movement/Body Awareness with Bob Thibaut

Spencer Tracy, when asked how to be a good actor, once said, “Know your lines and don’t bump into the furniture.” A snarky comment but with in it holds more wisdom then you can imagine. The first part “Know your lines…” is the mind of the actor at work. Learn the script, learn the actions, and learn the connections with other characters. This can be done with the help of the playwright, director, co-actors, etc. The second part “… and don’t bump into the furniture.” is the body of the actor at work. Though others can help this work is all on you the actor!

This master class is an exploration of how your body can help you not only avoid the furniture but build your character on the stage. The 2 goals of this master class are simple:

  • Remember that we are in control of our body
  • How to use our body to create a Character

Join actor, director, and acting coach Bob Thibaut in an exploration of the one thing that you have control over. You!


April 16th:    Breathing & Meditation Techniques with Nancy Lewis

In this class, you will learn simple techniques to help reduce stress, anxiety, and negative emotions, cool yourself down when your temper flares, and sharpen your concentration skills.

A person who has the patience to allow the mind to go through its antics while remaining firmly planted, will experience something. That “something” is different for each individual, but it will be, in some way, a reawakening of the self.  With this new awareness comes inner change, then outer change.

Join actor Nancy Lewis for an evening of breathing and meditation techniques to energize and calm the mind and body.


May 21st:    Artists’ Mini Retreat: Cultivating Creativity with Kelley Weber

Theater is a collaborative art that incorporates all other art forms: music, poetry, sculpture, dance, painting.. all of it! So for this Master Class we invite all artists whether you work in the theater or not.  The purpose of this retreat is to re-center and re-ignite the passions that started you on your creative pathway.  Or, perhaps, if you are just getting started on this journey, you need some space to reflect on the direction and purpose of your work.  Either way, there will be time for silliness and stillness, reflection and writing, sharing and shaping.  Why do we create?  What is our own creative dna?  How might we tap into other art forms to inform our own?  These questions and more will find a home in our time together.  Bring a journal and wear comfortable clothing. A yoga matt or pillow are optional if you’d like to sit on the floor.