Dancing at Lughnasa

Performance dates April 13 – 30, 2017

no show on Easter Sunday, April 16th


Set in 1936 Ireland, the play explores the potential for romance and the lure of pagan rituals in a family’s day-to-day life. Jim Butz will play the narrator, Michael, remembering a harvest time with his mother and her five siblings (played by Gary Glasgow, Michelle Hand, Amy Loui, Taylor Stewart, Kelley Weber and Leslie Wobbe) and a visit from his father, played by Richard Strelinger.


Cast and Crew

Kate:      Amy Loui

Maggie: Kelley Weber

Agnes:   Leslie Wobbe

Rose:     Michelle Hand

Chris:    Jen Theby Quinn

Michael:  Jim Butz

Father Jack: Gary Glasgow

Gerry:  Richard Strelinger


Director: Gary Wayne Barker

Vocal Coach: Nancy Bell

Stage Manager: Traci Clapper

Lighting Design: Michael Sullivan

Set Design: Kyra Bishop

Costume Design: Jane Sullivan

Sound Design: Zoe Sullivan

Props: Laura Skroska

Director’s Note


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