The Messy Middle

Okay, I know I promised a middle part but being in the show means I haven't had as much time to write about the show.   Anyway, suffice it to say the the middle part is a mixed bag.
The good news is, the cast gets to know each other and we get more comfortable with one another.  This leads to a feeling of security for actors as we try new things for our characters.  Whether it's being able to let go and reveal ourselves in a dramatic emotional scene, or trying a goofy dance or a line change for a laugh - this is where the magic of discovery begins.
The bad news is, this is also where we have to learn our lines.  Just when you think you know what you are doing, you have to start doing it without the book in your hand.  Your comfortable, bedraggled, marked up script that has been your friend and constant companion this couple of weeks is being ripped from your trembling hands as you try to do your part(s) from memory!  It doesn't help that this is an adaptation and Deanna frequently comes in and says, "So I have some script changes tonight!"  But "tech week" starts tomorrow and she can't tweak the play too much more.  Anyway, we all take it with a laugh and just keep going.
Really, if you like black and white, order and structure - theatre isn't for you.  It's a big mess in the middle part but somehow it ALWAYS comes together.  Some plays are better than others, of course, but to a large extent actors just have to trust the Director and the Process.  I think that's the magic of theatre - a bunch of different people taking a leap of faith together - actors, directors, technical crew and the audience.  Tech week starts tomorrow!

Leslie Wobbe


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