Thank you for your interest in auditioning for Mustard Seed Theatre.


Mustard Seed Theatre announces auditions for
AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, by Arlene Hutton
Saturday, August 26 1-4 pm at Fontbonne’s Fine Arts Theatre


We are looking to cast a diverse ensemble of nine women in this historically based drama about the Shaker community in Kentucky around 1838. The Shaker experience is about religious freedom, hard work, endurance and equality; this play examines a moment of revival in the community when some are called to belief and others to doubt.


Please call 314-719-8060 or email to sign up for a 15 minute audition slot. Groups of 3-4 will be assigned scenes from the play and may be asked to improvise. Director Deanna Jent is the casting authority. There is simple unison singing throughout the play which does not require formal solo voices or training; sincerity and simplicity are the keys to this community.


Show Info:
Rehearsals begin: February 19, 2018
Show dates: March 9-31, 2018 (Thur-Sat @ 8pm, Sun @2pm- w/ 1 daytime matinee TBD)
*Mustard Seed Theatre offers Special Appearance Contracts with AEA


The leaders:
HANNAH – trying to keep the community cohesive through mercy and kindness
PHEBE- in charge of newcomers, works to control her temper
BETSY – A peacemaker, leads singing, likes to know everybody’s business


Community members:
PEGGY – leads singing, the cook, likes to follow recipes and rules precisely
RACHEL – faithful and content until things change
IZZY – 17, raised in the community, trusting


FANNY – 20’s, working to fit in, sees visions and challenges Hannah’s leadership
POLLY– 30’s, skeptical, an artist who finds her faith
JANE – 30’s, mourning the loss of her children, looking for solace


All calls for auditions are placed on our Facebook page and on the St. Louis Metro Area Theatre page.


Sides for AS IT IS IN HEAVEN auditions:


Characters: IZZY, FANNY, POLLY
page 22- Top of scene 8 to bottom of page 23


Page 26- top of page to page 27 Jane’s entrance


Page 29 top of scene 11 to bottom page 30


Page 49 – scene 19 through end of scene on page 50


Page 62 top of scene to bottom of page


Characters: HANNAH, FANNY
Page 64 top of scene to bottom page 65

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